Managed Events


Activate your brand.

Utah Media Group manages or produces more than 12 individual events annually. Events are a great way for your company to activate your brand with customers on direct marketing platforms as a major sponsor. Plus, we work closely with other event producers on a national basis to provide our event technology and mobile platform (GrowTix) for registrations and check-in. Businesses can also utilize Utah Media Group’s experience in planning, hosting and capitalizing on specialty events by drawing on Utah Media Group’s event-planning team.

  • Idea Lab

    The Idea Lab, powered by the Utah Women’s Summit, will connect attendees with savvy business leaders, inspired thinkers, innovative ideas, and valuable tactics for starting and growing a thriving business. Idea Lab is for women who have wondered what it’s like to do a startup, currently founding a startup, or wanting to implement a new idea in to their current workplace.

  • The Governor’s Utah Economic Summit

    The Economic Summit is designed to enhance Utah businesses in the local, national and global marketplace by providing in-depth analysis on economic development, policy and growth as a path for executives to lead their companies to exponential growth. The summit promises to challenge and educate business leaders and will explore methods for handling uncertainty, enforce the need to foster new business development across the state of Utah and ensure that Utah’s economy remains strong. With more than 1,200 business leaders from across the state this is a perfect opportunity for your organization to be part of the Governor’s Utah Economic Summit. The Summit will include an overview of the current economic situation in Utah—a must for anyone running a business in the state.

  • What a Woman Wants Expo

    The What a Woman Wants expo offers the perfect platform to showcase, demonstrate and sample anything a woman would like. The expo delivers excellent brand exposure. Women can receive on the spot makeovers, skin care, the latest in home decor, to health and wellness. They can find a great selection in jewelry, clothing, purses and food items, and gifts for any occasion.

  • Utah Governor’s Energy Development Summit

    Theefforts made by the attendees of the Energy Development Summit continue to make the thriving energy industry in Utah a reality. The Energy Development Summit provides leadership in the balanced development of all of Utah’s, and lead surrounding states, energy resources. The summit is designed to help attendees – business and consumer – engage in the effort to provide reliable, affordable, sustainable and clean energy spanning the entire resource spectrum. The goals of the Summit will continue to help the energy industry not only provide jobs and produce the energy Utah needs for current residents and businesses to sustain economic growth; it will also help the industry have a competitive edge essential to attract more jobs to Utah.

  • Utah Women’s Summit

    The Utah Women’s Summit is a celebration of the unique culture of Utah and the amazing women who work and live here. This conference is an opportunity for attendees to network, learn and change the way the world sees Utah women. Women in Utah are strong, educated, multi-talented, charitable and vivacious.

  • Utah Operations Conference

    The Utah Operations Conference provides policy leaders and the public with strategic tools and techniques used across state government operations to increase the capacity to do more good, eliminate waste in processes and create more value for the taxpayers. The Utah Ops Conference is a must-attend event for all professionals, working in both public and private sectors that are looking for opportunities to have a greater impact on the performance of their organization. Topics covered at the conference include Operational Excellence Basics for government, Measures and Evidenced- Based Practices, How to Overcome Bad Multitasking, and Change Management.

  • Utah STEM Fest

    Come and be a part of the most unique gathering ever assembled in Utah as you and your family enjoy exciting hands-on experiences with science and technology that will spark your children’s imaginations and give them a peek into their future career opportunities right here in Utah. Your kids will have so much fun, they may not even realize that they’re learning! 7th through 10th grade students are encouraged to come as a field trip Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning or afternoon.

  • Utah Global Forum

    The Utah Global Forum helps businesses export successfully and adapt to today’s global marketplace and succeed in untapped markets by increasing trade and investments in Utah business from around the world. It is the state’s premiere international event to help Utah’s business community expand overseas while showcasing what makes Utah great for foreign investment interests. The Global Forum will attract a broad and diverse domestic and international audience who will get the opportunity to make the event their own so they get what they need for their business.